Best Jobs For MBA Graduates

The field of commerce has been expanding exponentially. With more students entering MBA programs, selecting the right career path becomes important for current MBA alumni and students. There are endless job opportunities in this area. These jobs have a lot to offer in terms of experience, learning, and even salary packages. 

Various Business Schools in India offers different MBA courses, so aspirants need to consider certain factors before taking admission in any of the B-Schools. Certain institutes conduct their own entrance examination, exams like XAMI XAT, IFT MBA (IB), AIMA MAT and IIM CAT and are the most widely taken MBA entrance exams. 

Here are some of the best jobs for MBA graduates which can make them more attractive and help give them an edge in the MBA Jobs market.

Marketing Manager

Marketing field has a lot of opportunities to offer to an MBA degree holder. The chief job responsibilities and duties of a personnel, hired as a marketing manager is to oversee, implement, device, and evaluate different marketing related tasks of the organization. The basic skill that is required to become a marketing manager is interpersonal skills and good communication, good analytical skills, logical thinking and managerial skills.

HR Management

One of the best jobs that graduates can consider after completing their MBA degree is that of a Human Resource Manager. The primary role of HR Managers is to hire or recruit efficient employees for the organization and to help in the training, selection, and overall management of the employees in a company. The basic skill that is required for an HR Management post is managerial skills, good communication skills, leadership skills, good interpersonal skills, etc.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the most popular career paths chosen by the MBA graduates. The responsibilities of an investment banker are raising capital for the specific organization, offering information about placing securities on the open market, advice on specific transactions, etc. This career is rendered to be an intellectually stimulating path, which requires complete dedication to learning all the angles of the financial industry.

Financial Manager

To prosper in a competitive environment, worldwide organizations count on the expertise of financial manager. The responsibility of a financial manager is to oversee the financial transactions and activities of the company. They help the organization to meet their fiscal objectives. Financial managers are also involved in activities such as assessing global financial transactions, handling acquisitions and mergers, raising capital, etc.

These are some highly responsible jobs which are extremely crucial for the functioning of the company. Companies prefer skilled and talented MBA graduates to hold the respective responsibility. CAT is the most widely taken MBA entrance examination, so MBA aspirants should be well acquainted with the CAT exam pattern, CAT syllabus, CAT cutoff, and other exam related details to get into the best MBA college.

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